About Us

Hello everyone! I’m Cory, Deana’s husband. Just wanted to introduce myself to y’all that don’t know me already. We have 2 children, and currently live in Archer Lodge NC. We’ve been in the retail business for a little over 8 years now.
We started with our own boutique and buying graphic tees from other vendors but as you all know most of them have minimums and they usually take a while to get. Every time we would order them we would get stuck with some that just wouldn’t seem to sell. I have been using Photoshop for many years for photography and such. I knew I could make graphics so I decided to learn how to make shirts on my own so we could have more options to offer our customers, not have to order a whole bunch of shirts with the same graphic on them at the same time or wait weeks for them to arrive and we also wanted have the ability make custom designs for them if they had something special they wanted on their T shirts.
So in 2020 we purchased all the equipment needed to be able to print and apply graphics on clothing. Our tees are super soft. 
If you have any questions for us don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for being here!