Synclogic codes

  1. if using synclogic check your spam folder for invoices (invoices are sent automatically when order comes through) for some reason shopify invoices tend to find their way to spam folders so check there! Synclogic emails which ever email you have set up in your shopify account. Be Sure that address is the email address you’d like to use.
  2. Synclogic set up youtube video:
  3. you don't need to use synclogic to order or for drop shipping. You can order anything on the website (must be logged in or you won't see any products) if you want it drop shipped just put the name & address in the shipping address section when checking out on the website.
Here are synclogic connection options:
Anti social club: 33N48UDS
Adult Humor: 1915DINN
Black History: HXH1R9S8
Bridgerton: 9WM3645K
Newest items: L6NP8EZK
Daddy and me: 04676NZV
Holiday: 6I048P59
Halloween: LDPL96H1
Hocus Pocus: SA84274V
Ted Lasso: 2SIWVAZC
Fall: R9OU244N
Friends collection: 293U19E0
Potter collection: UXUS5PAY
Sports collection: 34UQ24KF
Summer lake camping: 3D91NJWB
Mama collection: H45D6007
Mommy and me: 6HRFXP1E
Gilmore girls collection: 2Z2KGU06
Snarky sassy sayings: N0R0Y883
Stranger Things: JJD8M1FE
Faith collection: 4D6GOGO6
Misc collection: 3GS6HXFA
Foodie/shopping collection: VJ98O3UF
Greys anatomy collection: B952DW1J
Hamilton collection: 19R91COG
Pets collection: 3AP6N17M
Schitts creek collection: 2H7UM7X2
Mens Collection. 0CD6J7X5
Handmaid Tales: 8B6B8339
Mental Health awareness: A53D5JEK
Teacher: DZL016PQ
Pride: 8D248QL7
First Responder/Military: 1M92VZ86
Western: Q17CVQAM
YellowStone: 120FLC82
Virgin River: HC497LN2